heart skipped a beat.

wiley wears:

top: uo
blazer: gap
jeans: bdg
shoes: uo
necklace: on loan from poppy and leo
     two things. one: a lonely alley always makes for a great backdrop.  two: the xx is just as amazing live as they are on their album.  please go see them if you get the chance!  i am heading off to bed, but wanted to quickly post today's outfit.  it is pretty simple.  a ruffled top, houndstooth blazer and skinny jeans with a piece of statement jewelry and some funky heels.  the perfect outfit for a day in the office and an amazing even of music.


  1. I love the outfit but even more I love the photos. Great backdrop. Who took the pictures? Was it Jeb?

  2. Your photos took my breath away! The fist thing I thought was "dang, I kinda wish there were graffiti covered alleys where I live!" Then Oh my goodness that outfit is incredible!" Those shoes are beyond amazing! And I love how you seem so well coordinated with your surroundings! Great shots!

  3. thanks guys! i typically don't have this kind of luck with backdrops, but the graffiti seemed to be working with my color scheme on friday.

    and karen, sadly, this is not jeb's work, but rather my friend caroline's. she is a great photog.

  4. Brooke-
    Your friend, Caroline did a fantastic job. Be sure to commend her. Her sense of design comes through clearly.