wiley wears:

tank: h&m
cardigan: j.crew
trousers: madewell
necklace: borrowed from jill
t-straps: uo
     for my last installment of my spring florals series i decided to challenge myself with this photo of both orange and purple flowers.  to me, this is a color combination that very rarely works.  both colors are so rich and vibrant that one is typically enough for me.  this photo immediately reminded me of this floral tank from h&m.  it combines pinks, oranges and purples in a beautiful way.  with my deep orange cardigan and my high-waisted trousers i thought the outfit really worked.  i have formed, what may be considered an unhealhty obsession with these pants.  i picture them with a white v-neck and sandals for summer days on the beach (among one hundred other scenerios).  i figure an addiction to one pair of pants is better than cigarettes or coffee, right?

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