love that dirty water.

wiley wears:

top: h&m
cardigan: f21
belt: vintage
trouser jeans: paige
sneakers: converse
     today's outfit was inspired by my everlasting love for all things patriotic.  who doesn't love the good ole' combination of red, white and blue?  beyond the color scheme feeling very american, the outfit itself is as american as apple pie.  some sweet braids, a plaid tank, wide-legged jeans and my best pair of chucks made this outfit come together perfectly.  but today, in all honesty, i felt the outfit was completely about the braids.  i found this amazing updo via cupcakes and cashmere.  click here for a link for emily's perfectly simple how-to.  i rarely step out of my comfort zone in regards to my hairstyles.  nothing beyond a messy bun for weekday early mornings or some crazy wild waves for my weekend outtings, but this braided updo just seemed to be perfectly fitting for a day in the office.  it is simple and chic, but still a bit messy....perfectly representative of me.
    jeb took these photos for me right by the charles river in harvard square.  i have so many great memories along this river over the past eight years i have been in boston.  although it might not be swimable it sure does serve as the perfect setting for picnics, weekend reading and late night beach boys concerts.

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  1. ooo beach boys, i love me some uncle jesse!