sepia-toned loving.

wiley wears:

top: abercrombie
cardigan: j.crew
belt: h&m
scarf: uo
trousers: limited
dexters: vintage
anorak: f21
     today i decided to add a bit of an antique tone to my photographs.  i felt it went well with my play on some more masculine items.  some days i feel almost out of place when i am not dressed in more girly pieces.  i think it goes back to those days when my mom kept my hair in a short, and i mean really short, bowl-cut.  i always felt i needed to compensate for the boyish cut with some really feminine choices in clothing.  but even now, years later, when my hair is down to my behind, i feel a bit lost without a ruffle, a bow, or a sweet shade of pink.  i try to challenge myself a little and these navy trousers always make me feel chic and j.crew, but it's hard to not pair them with something extra feminine.  (although, i do have a ruffled linen shirt peeking out of my cardigan.)  a perfect blustery day ensemble...my anorak has added such a needed touch of outdoor ruggedness to my spring wardrobe.  with some pearls, a pretty horse necklace and a thin spring scarf, i think the outfit came together well.  i find with these wide-legged trousers that is important to balance them with a tighter silhouette on top.  and as usual, one of my j.crew cardigans hug my curves in all the right places.  too much information?  probably. 

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