looks like a big bruise.

wiley wears:

top: vintage
jacket: vintage armani
trousers: madewell
t-straps: uo
    can anyone name that quote?  oh, c'mon, like you weren't obsessed with 'drop dead fred' as a kid too!  pairing navy and black together always makes me think of the part of the movie when elizabeth walks out dressed in purple, navy, and black.  so hysterical.  if you have not seen this movie, netflix it immediately!  anyway, i loved todays outfit.  i found this great funky top at a vintage shop a few weeks ago.  although it was short i thought it would look great paired with high-waisted trousers.  i think i was right.  i topped it off with a structured armani jacket from the late 80s for those supposed thunderstorms we were supposed to see.  sad but true, those t-storms never came.  and of course, the black madewell trousers made it back out of the closet.  what a glorious pair of pants.

1 comment:

  1. I love matching high waisted troussers with short tops. I think it looks great and different. And it look great on you. It´s an amazing top, great find!xoxo