please don't go.

wiley wears:

dress: vintage diane von furstenberg
wedges: macy's
     each time i think that i am ready for the hot days of summer i stop and think about this dress.  oh, won't it just be so sad when it is too warm for me wear this vintage beauty?  it is so easy to wear this dress since you don't need much more than a cute pair of shoes and some earrings.  anything else and you would just be taking away from the gorgeous vibrant pattern.  never have i fallen this hard for a piece of clothing (okay, i probably have, but not in the last year or so).  the final two photographs were the most important in tonight's photoshoot.  i love to show a spinning photo of each dress, as the twirl-factor is of the utmost importance in my choice of dresses.  and that third photo is me making a heart with my little fingers to say happy birthday to my big bro.
oh, and the first photo, i am looking at a cat. obviously.

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