she sells sea shells.

wiley wears:

flannel: vintage levis
cardigan: f21
sailboat belt: thrifted
jeans: bdg
sneakers: converse
rain jacket: killer coat thanks to jeb's mom, ginnie
    my weekend in new hampshire was amazing.  so relaxing and such a great time to reflect on all of the things that make me happy; family, jeb, chocolate peanut butter fudge, calamari and molly the beagle.  this weekend was also my best friend margo's birthday.  sadly, i missed the opportunity to fly to chicago and spend it with her, but i was able to send her some gorgeous irises so she can think of me for the next two weeks (my own selfish longing to be there). on a side note, margo, i am so incredibly proud of you.  congratulations on almost finishing your first year of law school!  you are amazing!  i know this post is photo-heavy, but there were too many great pictures to choose from.  as a tradition, jeb and i always go to the arcade by the beach and take a few shots in the photobooth.  these may be some of my favorite so far.  not sure how pleased he is to have his 'special' moments broadcast to the interwebs, but alas, the life of a blogger's boyfriend.  my outfit was influenced mainly by a rainy weekend on the coast.  this sailboat belt was the perfect addition to my flannel, jeans and sneaker look.
i hope everyone had an incredibly relaxing weekend.  now i am off to make a home-cooked pasta dinner with jeb and my bestie.  see ya monday, folks!


  1. Love these pictures. LOVE the outfit!

  2. amazing photos! especially the second to last one, the detail of the belt...such a great shot :)