poppy and leo takes on proust.

so as most of you know, one of my very best friends, caroline, happens to run a gorgeous and inspiring blog called poppy and leo.  care was a bit nervous to take on a list of questions at this magnitude, but i think she did a magnificent job.  i really wanted this project to spotlight some of my very favorite blogging ladies, and i thought caroline would be the perfect person to start with.  so here it is ladies and gents...a look inside the mind of a gorgeous person, inside and out...

1. your most marked characteristic?
curiosity - i'm always wanting to ask questions, learn and try new things. creative. 
2. the quality you most like in a man?
       humor, sense of adventure
3. the quality you most like in a woman?
       independence, strength  
4. what do you most value in your friends?
       honesty - tell it like it is. 
5. what is your principle defect?
i can be over sensitive. i don't think it's "normal" to tear up at liberty mutual commercials. 
6. what is your favorite occupation?
       floral & stationery designer :)
7. what is your dream of happiness?
       being proud of the person i am inside and out. 
8. what to your mind would be the greatest of misfortunes?
      i'd like to think this already happened when losing my brother.  
9. what you would like to be? 
       happy, loved, wise. 
10. in what country would you like to live?
        united states, australia 
11. what is your favorite color?
         white, black, gray, green 
12. what is your favorite flower?
oh man, being a floral designer this one is tough. maybe peonies, maybe ranunculus.  
13. what is your favorite bird?
         blue bird. 
14. who are your favorite prose writers?
         howard zinn 
15. who are your favorite poets?
        eh, i've never really been into poetry.  
16. who is your favorite hero of fiction?
         da na na na na BATMAN!
17. who are your favorite heroines of fiction?
         sonora webster from wild hearts cant be broken. my favorite movie as a child.
18. who are your favorite composers?
        jeff buckley, james taylor
19. who are your favorite painters? 
        jasper johns 
20. who are you heroes in real life?
wendy, my mom. we don't agree on most things, but she is the strongest woman i know! And she is goofy :)
21. what is it you most dislike?
         laziness, mean spirited people, bullshit 
22. what natural gift would you most like to possess?
well it's no secret i'm dying to be a rock star, so great singing voice might be helpful. 
23. how would you like to die?
        just make it quick!  
24. what is your present state of mind? 
        motivated, adventurous
25. to what faults do you feel most indulgent?
i need to learn how to shop on the sale rack. i indulge in clothing more than i should. 
26. what is your motto?
i have three -   but your soul you must keep totally free. our hearts are kind our   hearts are strong. you cannot base your life on other peoples reactions.  
27. your name or psuedo?
        caroline, care, c.o.d, carolina, lucy

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  1. Oh! Now I get it! Sorry! In my email I said I would put them on my blog but how nice that you are doing it on yours! I LOVE reading peoples answers to these types of things! Thanks for doing this here! I am also going to check out Caroline's blog too! She sounds interesting! and cool!