picnics in reality.

wiley wears:

dress: vintage from sally jane vintage
boat-shoes: sperry topsiders
picnic basket: vintage - gift from lin
     so maybe we waited a bit long for that picnic to take place.  the storms came in quickly and our picnic adventure put us on some blankets in my apartment living room.  we still had a great time drinking fresh fruit smoothies, chatting and making friendship bracelets...this is not a joke.  lin brought by her entire pre-teen collection of string.  almost forgot how relaxing those bracelets are to make.  i thought our picnic would be outside in a cute little park down the street so i wanted something lightweight and comfortable.  this vintage dress with nautical flags was the perfect dress for that imaginary picnic.  with my most broken-in pair of topsiders and picnic basket in tow, my outfit screamed picnic even if the weather had other ideas.
a special thank you to lin, mere, and bill...
for taking the day to bring a smile to my face.
oh, and of course to lin for gifting me this amazing vintage basket!

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