mother knows best.

wiley wears:

top: old navy
seersucker trousers: uo
rain jacket: gap
flats: jeffrey campbell
     i apologize for the lack of posts, but i spent a long weekend with family and stayed far away from my laptop.  here is the outfit i wore to work and out for drinks on thursday.  it was one of those days that never quite rained, but misted all day long.  i decided to go for a resort-wear look with my favorite seersucker trousers and a blousey white top.  this green rain jacket has been in my closet since middle school.  my mom is always great at picking out pieces that will be chic forever and this jacket is proof.  it always makes a rainy day better when i can grab a bright and cheerful jacket to shield myself from nasty weather.  so my friends, the moral of this story; invest in a classic rain jacket, trench and peacoat.  these are the three staples my mom embedded in my mind and she is rarely wrong.  each of these pieces are in my closet and have been there since my teenage years. 


  1. That is a true statement, Mom is never wrong.

  2. Here I am. Reading your blog. And I get NO shout-outs! Who took this picture?? ME! Who suggested Blind Assassin?? ME!! Who is the most wonderful neighbor ever?? ME! Just because I am a total loser and never read doesn’t mean you can leave me unrecognized. Isn't that plagiarism? Citation, please.
    : )

    Love you!!