nateva eve.

wiley wears:

dress: uo
wedges: macys
sunglasses: rayban
     so tomorrow is the day.  today was my last day in the office til' next tuesday, and i have to say, nothing could feel better.  tonight has been a flustering experience; groceries, target and packing.  stressing a bit about fitting all of our supplies tomorrow, but so excited to hit the road and party the weekend away at nateva!  
     caroline, of poppy and leo, took these photos of me on our typical wednesday walk.  i wore my favorite red floral dress in celebration of my last day of work.  the last shot shows off the open back, which, while not appropriate for the office, completely makes this dress for me.  i love this detail that adds a lot to an otherwise basic sundress.  this dress always makes me feel great when it's on; hugging all the right places and hanging loose on all those other parts.  the perfect dress that can be worn alone.  i love owning dresses that can just be thrown on last minute and still make you look great.  they should be a staple in every girl's wardrobe.

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