menswear inspired.

wiley wears:

top: target
trousers: madewell
suspenders: borrowed from jeb
wedges: seychelles
ring: tarina tarantino
     another round of jessica, of what i wore's blogger challenges.  this time jessica challenged bloggers from all over to wear something either overtly feminine of menswear inspired.  although probably very obvious, i choose the second option.  i have always loved menswear tailored to women.  annie hall being one of my most beloved fashion icons, i think it takes a true woman to work a look with menswear pieces.  i have long been in the company of a man who believes that a set of suspenders are the most dapper addition to any outfit.  so i snuck into his drawer and grabbed the first pair i saw.  i thought on top of a ruffled button up i could make the look masculine, without looking costumey.  with pleated trousers, wedges and my stand-out tarina tarantino cheshire cat ring, i think i worked the menswear vibe with a few touches of femininity. 


  1. Thank you for the Martha's Vineyard advice Wiley! I think we are going to try out Alchemy! Just arrived here... it's gorgeous!

    love your blog! following you!

  2. love this look. you look incredible!

  3. Love love love suspenders. I don't own a pair, but I swoon everytime I se see a stylish chick wearing them!

  4. Too cute! Gotta go grab some suspenders for myself.