the paper tie.

father's day is often a hard day for me.  my dad passed away when i was eight, and the day always makes me miss him.  but more than being sad, i am thankful...for the years i got to spend with him and all the parts of me that remind others of him.  my sense of humor, my big brown eyes and my love for hoarding pointless objects.  
the pictures above are two separate father's day where my dad recieved the same gift: the beloved and very glittery paper tie.  i would guess for three or four years running he would be gifted two of these; one from me and one from my younger sister paige.  want to know the best part?  he wore them!  and not just out the door, but all day at work.  what a great dad!
so a happy father's day out there to all of you who are able to spend the day with the men you love.  and a happy father's day to my mom, who played both parts with such grace and ease.  and a special thanks to caroline for making me feel comfortable sharing some of the things near and dear to me on my blog.

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  1. Brooke! I LOVE these pictures. You guys are so cute. Your dad was such a lucky guy to receive those ties. I'm jealous. :)