adele astaire.

most who know me, know about my obsession with all things jazz-age.  i love the glamour, the bobs, the dresses, etc. etc. etc.  as a devotee of f.scott and zelda fitzgerald, i never thought i would find a new 1920's muse...not until i came across an article on adele astaire in this months issue of vogue.  adele, the elder sister of fred astaire, is described as having a 'devil-may-care' attitude...something i adore in other women.  i just thought i would share something beautiful with everyone today, hope you all find her as unique and inspiring as i do.

{all images via flickr}


  1. I wonder if she could tap it out like her brother... love this! That first image is my favorite

  2. You bet she could tap like her brother! In fact she and Fred had a brother and sister partnership that began as kids and continued on till she decided to marry. Its funny actually because she was considered the better of the two and when Adele retired from the scene most people had low expectations for the younger Astaire brother. But as we all know he proved everyone wrong "and ho, ho, ho who's got the last laugh now?"