basics by the sea.

wiley wears:

tee: uo
jean shorts: op
necklace: made by me
sunglasses: beach shop
     what i love about going to new hampshire is that for a few days i am able to disconnect from my everyday life. no cable, no internet, no makeup, hairbrushes or shoes.  i will be honest and tell you that for most of the weekend i was either wearing pajamas or running shorts, but today i put together a very basic outfit for a walk along the beach and some climbing on the rocks with jeb.  my favorite gray tee and a cozy pair of denim shorts were perfect for this small adventure.  i decided to try out a necklace i made last week out of some of jeb's old t-shirts.  i would love to hear what everyone thinks of it....close-ups coming soon.  i had a lovely weekend and am thrilled to have monday to spend with my mom in the city.  
     now it's time for jeb and i to be completely spoiled by my mom with a homecooked meal.  i feel so very lucky!

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  1. Sometimes basics are better than a worked look. I love the pictures.