ode to zooey.

wiley wears:

dress worn as skirt: f21
tank: free people
gladiators: jeffrey campbell
     i wanted something bright and sunny for the heat today.  why not embrace these soaring temperatures?   i find myself in an increasingly great mood as the hours go by.  my anticipation for the coming weekend keeps growing and i forsee another cheerful outfit happening tomorrow.  this yellow dress was a dream come true when i found it.  a huge bow!  a huge bonus!  i love how it is bright and feminine, but the worn cotton material is such a natural texture.  since the dress has so much going on, i thought a plain black tank would be the perfect companion piece.  
   it is so funny how a day can change your outlook so completely.  last night, after i dropped my mom off at the airport, i was in a really sad place; already homesick and dreading returning to the office.  it seemed like this incredibly picturesque weekend was cut too short.  but now, tonight, my outlook has finally shifted.  i am looking forward to spending this weekend with incredible people i love dearly (including two lovely birthday girls) and dancing and singing at the top of my lungs.  
     i finally finished alterations on my dress specifically purchased for she & him.  i want zooey to look into the crowd and go 'wow, now that is a sweet dress.'  a girl can dream.


  1. Oh my, I would leave my husband for M Ward (kidding...), but enjoy She & Him!!
    It's funny, I listen to them while I sew, after getting inspiration for outfits from YOUR blog!! Full circle?? You are great!

  2. Thanks, Jesse. That comment just made my day!