what my remix taught me.

     twenty pieces and twenty outfits later i am finished and excited to take a second look at all of the oufits that have been sitting in my closets since last year.  it definitely felt like a challenge to me and i can't say that i would race to be the first to start another remixing challenge. (maybe over the summer?)  i do have to admit that i did learn a lot about my own personal style through the challenge and i have a few tips to share with you.
  • accessories are what makes an outfit.  tights, scarves, belts and jewelry can take an outfit to a whole other level.  if it hadn't been for the small pieces i was able to play with a number of my outfits would have been very very boring.  invest in great accessories and you cannot go wrong.
  • bright patterns are essential to a well-rounded wardrobe.  i originally thought that my white tee would be the most worn top i choose, but in the end i wore my floral tee and plaid button-down far more.  a top with multiple colors gives you the ability to remix it with various other pieces.
  • my favorite colors to use as neutrals; gray and mustard.  both of these colors go with everything and right now there are so many great pieces everywhere in both shades.
  • the maxi trend is the perfect trend for winter.  find those long skirts and dresses from the summer and reimagine them with cardigans, tights and lots of belts.
  • combining mismatched pieces can make the perfect outfit.  during this challenge i wore a sweatshirt with a pencil skirt and a silk dress with moto boots.  these are the kinds of combinations that set you apart and make your closet seem a whole lot larger.
   i hope these tips are helpful to those of you in that winter wardrobe slump!
back to my closet and i am pumped about getting dressed tomorrow.  i hope to see you at the swap tomorrow night!  if you haven't bought a ticket yet, get there!

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