my new years.

wiley wears:

dress: vintage
headpiece: borrowed from paige
tighs: uo
heels: borrowed from paige
     straying just for a day from my 20x20, here are a few shots from my new years eve.  i wore this beautiful vintage lace dress over a black slip with patent leather maryjanes and red lips.  i felt very new years eve and very glamourous.  we had a wonderful night in the city and an incredible reunion of so many dear friends.  i wish i had done some actual  'wiley wears' photos, but i thought showing a few real-life pictures would be fun anyway.
a very happy new year to everyone!
and a huge thanks to clay for hosting all of us!


  1. nice pics, so lovely :)
    follow me ;>??
    kisses from pepa

  2. you and miss paige are adorable! love the head piece and is she wearing your tutu?