eight days a week.

wiley wears:

maxi dress: f21
chambray top: old navy
belts: vintage and uo
boots: jacibos
     finally jeb had arrived with my black maxi dress and i could not have been more excited.  this outfit was inspired by this post by jentine.  i love the idea of layering on the belts to break up a long dress.  i wanted to use my buttery leather accessories for pops of color and i like the way the outfit turned out.  i am thinking this dress will be a great help in finishing my 20x20 throughout the rest of this work week.  while this is a lot harder than i thought it might be, it is really rewarding at the same time.  each day i put a new outfit together i know i am one step closer to being done and getting my hands back on all of those pieces i've been missing these last two weeks.
     jeb and i have both caught nasty colds and today was spent on a seven hour drive followed by laying around with our heads in the clouds (aka on cold meds.)  hoping for a full recovery quickly.  we both love the thought of beating a cold.  last year we even broke a personal record with killing a cold in less than three days!  here's crossing my fingers for another record-setting recovery.


  1. i like the double belts!

  2. this is adorable. will scrounge through closet to see if i can replicate!