back in the saddle.

wiley wears:

turtleneck: gap
trousers: anthropologie
flats: dolce vita
hair bow: julie mollo (on loan from amy)
     tonight's swap was beyond awesome.  i walked away with a ton of great pieces which will surely grace the blog soon.  ladies, if you have not been to a swapaholics swap yet you need to go!  i saw so many fabulous designer pieces in every size and color.  beyond the clothing, the best part may have been chatting with some of my favorite boston bloggers.  always love catching up with the girls that inspire me.
    i had been dying to wear this new pair of trousers as soon as my 20x20 challenge ended, so i knew that i would have to wear them on my first day back.  i love the paperbag style and i know they will be super versatile throughout all four seasons.  (oh, anthropolgie, you always keep me coming back for more.)  i wanted to keep the focus on the pants and went with very simple and streamlined black for the rest of the outfit.  i really love the way the look came together.  these trousers were my first non-thrift/non-vintage purchase in awhile and it felt good to be back in the saddle.


  1. Great to see you in your lovely outfit tonight! Hope you made out well at the swap.

  2. The outfit looked even better in person!

  3. It was great to see you at the swap! I liked your pants, but didn't get a chance to tell you.