at least it's not my pajamas.

wiley wears:

cardigan: thrifted
tee: michael stars (via the swap)
jeans: bdg
boots: uo
hat: uo
     i wish that jeb's old t-shirts were considered fashionable because then i would have worn one really wonderful outfit the last few days.  unfortunately i haven't really left the house in a few days and have been laying around in pajamas trying to feel better.  i tried to put myself together for a little bit tonight because i always feel so guilty not doing a 'wiley wears' post; although in this case, it's only a quick and comfy outfit for a freezing cold night.  i love this cardigan i found while thrifting with my mom over thanksgiving and i got this soft michael stars tee at the swap last thursday.  nothing better than a t-shirt, jeans and a soft cotton cardigan.
thanks to jill for taking my pictures!
happy tuesday.


  1. love the scalloping on your boots, wish i could see a detail shot of that!

    love you wiley, and you still look beautiful even if you haven't left the house in a few days :)

  2. I really like this little set. Your look goes perfectly with the setting. I like those little paintings in the back ground. Nice pics.