eleventh dimension.

wiley wears:

dress: rohit gandhi-rahul khanna
sweater: vintage
belt: vintage
tights: walmart
boots: jacibos
     another set of photos by the wonderful nate bucher, who i will be lucky enough to see this coming weekend!  very excited to see him and obviously to have an incredible photographer to shoot my outfits all weekend.  i thought it would be nice to post this directly after my tenth 20x20 post featuring the same dress.  on this occasion it was all about staying warm, but still looking pretty.  my beloved cable-knit sweater and boots work for both efforts in my mind.  i went with navy tights, since the under layer of the dress is a navy silk that shows through just a bit.  short post tonight.  lots to come this week, including a new 'wiley reads' post tomorrow.
sweet dreams and fresh starts this week.

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