20x20 challenge finale.

wiley wears:

sweatshirt: madewell
top (bottom layer): h&m
flower pin: anthropologie
corduroys: j.crew
brogues: miss me
     the twentieth and final outfit of my 20x20 holiday challenge!  so happy to have the challenge over, and while i learned a lot, i think it will be quite awhile before i decide to undertake another remixing challenge.  my last outfit was a perfectly casual ensemble for my mlk day off of work.  i wanted to dress up my sweatshirt a bit, so i added this lovely flower pin (on loan from care) and layered it over my floral h&m top.  the mustard corduroys picked up the subtle mustard flowers in the top and my brogues finished off the outfit. 
    i will have a total roundup posted tonight and will be back to reguarly scheduled posts on thursday evening.
thanks to lin for taking so many photos for me!


  1. You did a great job on the 20x20!! I am really impressed, I could never do it. can't wait to hear your thoughts and reflections about the challenge!

  2. Congrats on completing it - I think it would be a tough challenge. You did a great job with the remix!

  3. Love the flower brooch and the floral print peeking out under the top!