word of the weekend.


wiley wears:

tee: american apparel
jeans: f21
scarf: vintage
purse: f21
sunnies: miley cyrus
     speaking of headscarves, this vintage scarf that belonged to by great grandmother was the perfect way to add something to a very basic outfit.  i spent my weekend in new york city and yesterday walked all over the city, lunched at the smith (amazing), checked out eataly (overwhelmingly amazing) and then walked some more.  we had an awesome day, but i wanted to keep my outfit simple and comfortable so i went for the most basic; a white tee and jeans.  i live in these unisex v-necks from american apparel.  so soft, mostly after worn about a hundred times.  i will not be posting pictures of my outfit from our evening at the club.  almost hysterical trying to dress for a club when you never frequent clubs.  the word of the weekend, "trendy."
thanks to all my friends who made this weekend fabulous!

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