castle island.

wiley wears:

romper: target
cardigan: f21
belt: vintage
dexters: vintage
bag: vintage coach
sunnies: f21
     on saturday jeb took paige and i to castle island, a spot in boston his grandparents took him too when he was a little boy.  he hadn't been back in more than fifteen years and i thought it was so sweet that he was willing to share a special place with my sister and i.  we walked around the fort and took in the men fishing, tourists picnicking and bikers, runners and rollerbladers.  it was really peaceful and spending the time with two people i love so dearly made it all the more special.  paige and jeb make a great team...mostly in making fun of me.  jeb cracks a joke about me and paige dies laughing.  pretty much the theme of the weekend, but all in good fun.  little paige just loves seeing someone who knows exactly how to crack a joke at my expense.  
     the weather on saturday was gorgeous, but a bit hard to dress for.  in the sun it felt about 80 and in the shade closer to 60.  i decided shorts and long sleeves were the way to go and chose to wear my teal romper underneath a wrapped and belted cardigan.  i was aiming for the romper to just peek out at the bottom and play the role of a pair of shorts.  after paige and i played around on the beach showing off our most stellar yoga poses my outfit became less put together, but these photos make me so happy because the day was excellent.  after castle island we headed to the south boston street fair and watched jeb take down a ten inch pearl hotdog.  highlight of the weekend.
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