holy inspired.

wiley wears:

top: old navy
skirt: gap
necklace: j.crew
flats: gap
     i am overwhelmed with inspiration right now.  all day i have been pondering new ideas for both my wardrobe and my blog and have realized that a large overhaul of my closet needs to take place and that a few trips to my favorite vintage and thrift stores need to be visited.  i will be starting off my search this weekend in new hampshire.  in my mind, my personal style is completely developed; i wear what i love, what flatters and ultimately what i can afford (well, most of the time).  i am now prepared to search for pieces that adhere to those points. 
   today i went for one of my more basic outfits for the office.  this chambray top may have been a bit too warm for a 95 degree day, but i just love it so much with printed skirts that i could not say no.  i decided to play around with the placement of my necklace and thought it looked perfect tucked behind the collar of my shirt to bring a little sparkle to the ensemble.  some great brown flats with ivory embellishments were the ultimate way to finalize today's outfit.

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