the vintage tone-down.

wiley wears:

dress: vintage
cardigan: j.crew
belt: uo
t-straps: uo
sunnies: miley cyrus
     this outfit is proof that regardless of your office dresscode, vintage can work!  obviously i would not walk in my office in this dress, which i lovingly refer to as my 'brady' dress, without accessories and more current pieces to keep it from looking costumey.  the navy jackie sweater from j.crew seems to be my go-to piece to tone down an outfit.  there is something so classic and refined about this cardigan that even the loudest of pieces can be quieted a bit.  navy just exudes calm.  today i belted the cardigan to focus on that hourglass shape i love and wore my sweet little t-straps to stroll the halls of the mfa.
    the avedon exhibit was major!  so many lovely photographs; just wall after wall of stunning images.  i imagine i will go once more before the exhibit ends to take a longer glance at the photos that truly caught my eye.  this man knew how to exhibit women and understood their movements and features.  all feels well in my world again after that show. 
thanks so much to lin for taking these beautiful photographs outside the museum!

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  1. I love the outfit and I am glad that you liked the show.