once in a blue moon a song finds you and all of the pieces fit.  for me, that song was, and is, feist's 'mushabom.'  a few years ago my friend ebi played the song for me for the first time and the rest is history.  i play it on a regular basis when i am feeling down and it always reminds of all the reasons i have to be happy.  i envision what is happening throughout the song and wish i could live the lyrics of this lovely song.  i have created a little montage to 'mushaboom' including the song, images that sing true to my vision of the song, and then, of course, a little collage of the outfit i would wear if i lived this ideal life.
"it may be years until the day
my dreams will match up with my pay" 


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  1. i'm at work so i can't listen to the song but i looked up the lyrics on the website below


    apparently 11 year olds like it too (see reviews) haha

    ps. love the cottage picture :)