thrown together.

wiley wears:

top: vintage levi's
shorts: op
scarf: vintage
shoes: keds
sunnies: rayban
     this is more like it.  this is what i wear on an actual typical day at the beach with my beau.  my beloved vintage button-up is ready to see sunlight again and this will be out a whole lot this autumn.  with a pair of jean shorts, i was ready for long walks along the beach and down to the arcade for our tradition of taking pictures in a photo booth.  i love this vintage silk scarf i found at bobby's of boston and it was an ideal way to hold my hair back in the fall-like wind that hit the coast over the weekend.  white keds are always a go-to when a pair of sandals don't do the job.  all in all, this outfit really made me feel like myself and it was great for a full day of relaxing and chatting away along with the beaches with jeb.

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