ode to willie.

wiley wears:

top: h&m
bomber: target
jeans: levis
sneakers: keds
scarf: vintage
     so something about this outfit made me think of my nana, willie.  i guess the scarf, cropped jeans and white sneakers remind me of some photos of her from the forties.  and honestly, i know she would have loved this badass bomber jacket.  i feel like a rockstar and amelia earhart all rolled into one.  obviously this is not what i wore to the office, but rather what i wore for an evening spent with jeb's nana. just about as feisty, sweet and hysterical as my own nana.  it always feels great to spend a good night with someone you love and tonight was no exception.  it was great hearing stories about the way boston used to look and just as many amusing stories of jeb as a child.  never gets old. and you know what, bangs were so the right decision.  life feels anew, mostly with the arrival of little peach on friday evening.  i just cannot look forward to this weekend enough!  get here friday!


  1. You definitely have a great retro feel to your outfit. You look great and I am sure Jeb's Nana enjoyed your visit.

  2. I love this jacket...you wear it so well. I'm still waiting for you to hop on a mint green vespa and ride into the wind.

  3. wow brooke you look pretty G'd up in these pics. didnt know you could be so gangsta ;-) i am begining to consider if this bang look would work for me aswell i loves it.