new england prep.

wiley wears:

khakis: gap
button-up: gap
cardigan: j.crew
pumps: nine west
      a total divergence from yesterday's laid back style, today i went full prep.  a light blue and white pinstriped button-up layered with a peach cardigan with great silk ruffled detail.  i have found that you can layer one pastel on another pastel nearly all the time and it always solidifies the preppy style i so love.  i love playing with lots of different styles on the day to day and look forward to a totally different look tomorrow.
     on another note, we are off on a week long trip to new orleans in a little over two weeks and beginning to plan our excursions and restaurant outings.  i would love to hear any and all recommendations.  we are hoping to spend one night at a completely fabulous restaurant for one truly incredible meal and i would love to hear if anyone out there has a great idea.
     well, off to our friends' apartment to watch 'gossip girl.'  the best part of every monday night.

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