sisterhood of the traveling dress.

wiley wears:

dress: borrowed from jil
belt: anthropologie
cardigan: gap
moccasins: minnetonka
     so you know the scene in sisterhood of the traveling pants,  (okay, you probably haven't watched it three times. wink, wink.) so i'll explain...each of the girls, of all shapes and sizes, realize that one pair of jeans magically fit them all.  well, this is that dress.  jill has worn this dress a few times this summer and each time i love it more than the last.  then, a month ago jill's sister is wearing the dress at a boat outing and it looks amazing on her as well!  so the other night as i am helping jill organize her closet i see the dress and decide to give it a go.  and guess what?  it fits me too!  so i have now decided that this is a magical dress.  i went patriotic and wore my beaded red belt and added a fall touch with my peter pan moccasins and a boyfriend cardigan.
so thanks go out to jill for letting me borrow the dress and to lin for taking these photos!


  1. All in all a great look. The new bangs rock, and the dress is so flattering for your figure! Love it.

  2. does it bring good luck?

    love the dress on you!

  3. you have a traveling dress =)
    that's cool

    it looks so nice
    I love how you accessorized with a belt

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  4. I do agree this dress is magical...however it's a bit more flattering on you!

    Love you, your blog, and I promise to visit it every day from now on! :)

  5. don't lie jill you know you only read every other day ;-)