zooey dress.

wiley wears:

dress: vintage
sandals: rainbow
     these photos were taken in my beloved 'zooey' dress.  i should have taken a photograph of this dress before i took the thread and needle to it.  i brought the hem up about eight inches, took the waist in and removed the shoulder pads.  i fell in love with the end result and knew it had to be the dress i wore to see 'she & him'. (recap to come.  zooey deserves an entire post.)
     and, yes, my friends, i realize that my legs are covered in dirt.  embarrassing yes, but for shots like these at the top of mt. nateva i had to traverse some dirt roads. 
     i have to admit that today was a bit difficult.  we left maine early monday morning and left behind a community of people filled with positive energy and so much happiness.  transitioning back into real life has been harder than i would have imagined.  but as our yogi at nateva once said 'treat yourself with kindness. treat others with kindness.'  i am trying to keep that mantra alive this week as i fall back into my normal routine. 

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  1. You're totally right, this dress is so perfect for She & Him. I'm so jealous that I missed Nateva, I had no idea Ghostland Observatory was going to be there until I read your tweet earlier!! Aren't they amazing?