wiley wears:

tee: michael stars with screenprinting by rachel stack
shorts: f21
necklace: anthropologie
sunglasses: rayban
gladiators: jeffrey campbell
     so more on the weekend.  i lost my beloved michael kors watch in a cab.  i have spent the last three days trying to track it down through the cab company and the boston police department to no avail.  my watch, dear friends, is officially lost.  it really destroyed me this weekend because it was supposed to be my very adult watch.  once i wore this, i officially became an adult.  so, my friends, looks like it's back to square one.  poor choices, sleeping til' noon and goodwill, i'll need that denim mini skirt from abercrombie back.  in all honestly though, i worked so hard to be able to buy the watch i loved so much and i dealing with losing it was really really difficult for me.  i know, i know, there are worse things that could have happened or been lost, but my wrist will feel naked until that beautiful piece of gold and tortoise shell comes back into my life.
   but now my outfit.  jeb took these photos for me when we visited his old college town.  we made a short stop to horseneck beach which was calming and beautiful.  i wore a new tee i bought at nateva and i have to say, this is the softest and coolest tee i've owned in awhile.  stack does amazing work and uses only the best materials....aka michael stars tees.  with comfy shorts, a statment necklace and some gladiators with bling it was a great outfit for walking around jeb's old stomping grounds.

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