the she, of she & him.

yes, my friends, i was this close!   and yes, she is really this beautiful in real life!
the 'she & him' show was incredible.  they played all of my favorite songs and it was awesome to see how talented zooey is on so many instruments. but oh man, that voice.  and of course, that sundress.  i have seen her wear this same style in various patterns for different performances and i love that she has taken this style and made it completely her own.  up there in the 95 degree heat she rocked out; red lips and all.
(oh, and i also love her sunnies.)


  1. Lucky you! I have such a girl crush on Zooey!

  2. I was really hoping for a picture of HIM...she is lovely, but M Ward makes me swoon.
    I live in Boston and once saw him play at the MFA. Dreamy.

    Of course, they make a perfect musical match and she is such a doll. Glad to hear it really was that good!!