what they wore: nateva.

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in homage to one of my favorite fashion sites, who what wear, i decided to do my own mini style-spotting search at nateva.  to see 'who what wear's' own music festival style-spotting, check out this post on cochella.  obviously because of our distance from l.a., nateva lacked the huge onslaught of celebrities, but i wanted to show that there was definitely some style happening all the way up in maine last weekend.  i decided to include one gentleman in the mix, because really, how much more dapper could he be?  even in the heat he rocked some stylish menswear.
as easy as it was to throw on bikini tops, tanks and gym shorts, these folks got it right keeping with their personal styles rather than giving in to that brilliant sun.
thanks gretchen, piera, lizzy, michael, katie and megan for being good sports.
happy style-spotting.

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