a shout out. to my blog.

wiley wears:

top: target
skirt: nomad
necklace: on loan from poppy and leo
wedges: macy's
sunnies: rayban
     i don't feel as though i can ever go wrong with this skirt.  i love every outfit i put together with it and i think it adds a kind of organic patriotic feel to any ensemble.  today i wore it with this ruffled blouse to keep a balance between casual and elegant.  the red beaded necklace was a great pop of color...also a great way to distinguish my neck from the white ruffles of the top.  white can be hard when your skin is literally the same shade.  but using a bright accessory around your face or neck can help bring the focus back to your face. 
   i am thinking a lot about where i want to take this blog in the coming months and am really looking forward to a new job that will allow for some extra time to work on my passions.  this is my first love....well after jeb, ernst and ted.  i love the way my blog gives me something to focus on each day and to motivate me each morning.  so, i guess what i am trying to say is 'thank you, blog.  you've done a lot for me.'  in all honestly though, i do love the community that is built around blogging and i love reading about the lives of others, told mostly through what they wore.  how fun is that?

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  1. you know you lover ernst more than jeb. don't even pretend you don't. haha. you look very pretty. blogging is a great creative outlet. and i'm glad we have each other to bounce ideas off of.