that seventies vibe.

wiley wears:

dress: vintage
belt: uo
hat: peter grimm
     we have just returned from our weekend in new hampshire and as has been happening a lot after thse weekends away i feel equally as refreshed as i do exhausted.  how is this possible, one might ask.  well, for me, the weekend away is just a little tease to my brain.  we leave the pressures of the city behind for two glorious days where we eat, drink, walk the beaches and engage in multiple types of relaxation only to return to the harsh realities of the real world; work, chores, and the oppressive city heat.  in my head i try to work out multiple scenarios where this could be my 'real' life.  so far...no luck.  but it does remind me to be so grateful that we have a place to go and get away on the weekends and place to spend time with family and friends.
    on this particular day, jeb and i decided to go for a walk on the beach before a big storm hit town.  the skies were wild...sunny one moment and treacherous-looking the next.  i took the opportunity to wear my fullest-bodied dress and my biggest sun hat.  i was hoping for a seventies feel to the photos and i think that was fully accomplished.  i had very specific ideas of what i wanted the pictures to look like, but jeb, being the stubborn man that he is informed me that, 'brooke, i've been doing this for a long time. i know what looks good,' and directed our little photo shoot.  so glad that taking my blog photos has given him an artistic eye.  in the end, he is as fabulous as he thinks he is because i love the way all the photos turned out.
well my friends,  the week is beginning and i am sending out lots of optimistic thoughts to everyone.


  1. Love the photos. Told the photographer personally. He has come a long way.

  2. Love the photography, the photographer and of course the subject matter.

  3. Wow. That dress is gorge and your photos are amaaaaazing!