keep it loose. keep it tight.

wiley wears:

dress: j.crew
espadrilles: old navy
earrings: gift from ebi
     in the words of my beloved amos lee, "sometimes we forget what we got. who we are. oh, and who are not."  today felt like a day that revolved around those lyrics.  i find it difficult to figure out how to deal with the past, situate myself in the present, and mostly, how to stress less about the future.  i guess the important thing is to remember that we can't be focused on all three at the same time, which i so often find myself trying to do.  most importantly i try to remind myself that i can only be who i am and that is always enough.  needless to say, it was a day with lots of thinking and some thought-provoking inner dialogue.  so for today, i am enough.  writing it makes it true, right?
   in less obnoxious blabbering, onto my outfit.  my simple j.crew dress that has been loved as much as any one dress can be, was once again worn in a new way.  today i wanted to show the dress in a more summery and casual light.  wearing the dress with these striped espadrilles gave it a lighter feeling and using the cloth tie the dress came with rather than one of my larger statement belts kept with that idea.  i love taking a simple dress and finding so many ways to wear it.  
     the man outside dunkin donuts this morning told me i looked like a goddess.  i have decided it was less of being hit on and more that he appreciated the way the fabric falls in a grecian like way and the sandals laced up my ankles.  but lets be honest, if he was 'hollerin' at me,' i can accept that with gratitude as well.
special thanks to caroline for taking these photos.
oh, and for being an incredible person and friend.


  1. You do indeed look like a goddess.I love the outfit and the photo is great too. A study in neutrals.....

  2. beautiful as always! can you come give me a hair tutorial? :)

  3. I LOVE THIS!! Ahhhh...Old Navy! They look perfect!!! Glad you finally found them :)


  4. Wow Bebe, you look absolutely gorgeous. I love this outfit, and I love these photos.

  5. Lovely display of neutrals. Everything about this outfit is gorgeous!!!