in the zone.

wiley wears:

black tank: uo
patterned tank: free people
gauchos: l.a.made
gladiators: jeffrey campbell
     so instead of my work outfit, i thought i would photograph what i wore tonight.  i went to my favorite dive with some of my best girlfriends to celebrate a new beginning for me.   in a few weeks i will leave my current job and start at a university in the city.  a dream of mine for a long time, this has been a very exciting and stomach-churning week for me.  but change is good my friends.  it is about time.
    to the bus stop pub i decided on something loose and cool.  this pair of gauchos, which made it through the gaucho trend of 2005, have made a reappearance in my wardrobe as of late.  my old roommate in college wore gauchos and made them look like the classiest pants around.  i often try to channel kayla's way of wearing these pants with such ease.  i thought they would be perfect tonight with a blousey top and sandals.  this free people tank is one of my favorite summer pieces.  bright colors and vibrant patterns.  overall,  loved the way it all worked and i felt like i was walking around town in pajamas. (without looking like it.) 
big thanks to jill.  for taking my photos....again.


  1. Congratulations on your big decision! Sounds incredible!

  2. I love this outfit on you!