thrift dreams.

wiley wears:

dress: j.crew
cardigan: j.crew (thrifted)
belt: anthropologie
flats: gap
     i think this outfit perfectly displays my style.  i love mixing neutral shades with navy and red and a belt and flats are always my go-to pieces.  i found this cashmere cardigan while thrifting a few weeks back and almost did a dance in the store.  it was seven dollars and retails for $168!  insanity!  the best part of living in a college city is that you often find name brand pieces discarded and priced at next to nothing at local thrift shops.  and the combination of navy blue and cashmere are like visions from my dreams.
what's your best thrifting score?


  1. Great thrift find - let's hope the next swap is as fruitful! I'm loving this dress too! - Katy