tonight i had the chance to visit the 'chihuly: through the looking glass's exhibit at the museum of fine arts.  chihuly's sculptures and installations, made from glass and natural materials, were breathtaking.  i was completely taken with his 'persian ceiling' installation.  i also liked the artist's admission that he chose the word 'persian' because he thought it sounded fancy.  all of the photos above show the beautiful blown glass that took over the ceiling of one of the exhibit's rooms.  the colors were incredible and the amount of detail and precision is wild.  the room glowed in soothing shades of red, blue and green.  all i needed was a glass of wine and a beanbag chair and i could have stayed there all evening.  i strongly encourage all of my boston friends to check this out before it ends in august.


  1. I got chance to see some of his work at the Botanical Gardens in NY and it was simply amazing. Its crazy what this guy can create with glass.

  2. Seattle, here.

    You do know that this guy is from Tacoma right? We have a museum of glass that's almost entirely devoted to his work and you can take a glass blowing class, too.

    I promise to take you, if you promise to come visit!

    Love you and love, as always, your posts. You're gorgeous!

  3. I cannot wait to go see this exhibit!