the givers.

wiley wears:

top: vintage
jeans: bdg
t-straps: uo
purse: f21
     last night i had the insane opportunity to see the givers at the middle east.  i had heard a bit of their music before, but since they are one of caroline's absolute favorite bands i knew i had to check them out live.  the show was amazing.  the band seems so young and so filled with energy.  i honestly felt like my mind was somewhere else throughout most of the show.  i was mindlessly bopping around and taking in the crazy tunes.  definitely check them out!
     i knew i wanted to wear flats since i would be on my feet throughout the show and thought this would be a great chance to wear my new floral top.  i like to say that this top is so ugly that it's cute.  i love the vibrant pattern and i'm looking forward to wearing it again this week with a more office-friendly outfit.

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