under the boardwalk.

wiley wears:

dress: uo
boater: f21
sunglasses: rayban
     new hampshire was amazing.  i breathed so much fresh ocean air that i will be on a high for days.  i read and relaxed and went to bed early; the recipe for complete happiness.  on saturday jeb went out to the water and played around on the sand.  the water was freezing, but after some time in the sun, completely refreshing.  i was so excited to debut my new straw boater and it was the perfect hat for the weekend.  i was ready to jump on a boat and sail away!


  1. Nice photos. I can almost feel the ocean breeze. The hat is perfect, my favorite shot is the one with you holding the hat on your head.

  2. I love you and all of the ocean pictures. Quite the ensemble.