country mouse.

wiley wears:

skirt worn as dress: vintage
belt: anthropologie
sandals: borrowed from paige
sunglasses: rayban
     this photoshoot was so much fun.  my mom pulled off a back road in pennsylvania and my sister took these shots. (normal shot taken by jeb.)  paige is one heck of a director.  we thought this last shot was very bella from twilight.  i always love to dress for the occasion, so a trip to my mom's hometown seemed like the perfect opportunity to break out this checkered skirt.  i added the beaded red belt for a pop of color and some easy brown sandals finished off my casual country look.  it is so much fun coming home to pennsylvania and getting out in the fresh air.  pictures from one of my very best friend's wedding will be coming soon.  the night was incredible and the photos are hysterical.  let's just say i caught the bouquet!


  1. This is SO pretty! I LOVE the brown gingham with the red accent. SO perfect!

    You'll have to look me up next time you're in PA!

  2. Yay!!!! You caught the bouquet! So awesome :)
    Can't wait to see the pics.