banksy boston

wiley wears:

dress: vintage from bobby of boston
belt: f21
sandals: rainbow
     a combination of two incredible things; this piece of banksy street art and this beautiful 1960's print dress.  banksy is a british street artist who has recently done two pieces in boston.  so exciting that he has made his presence known so close by.  the piece jeb and i took a walk to see today is located in central square and it was pretty amazing to be able to get a close up look.  i thought it would be great to get my photos shot right in front, although we had to stop quite a few times since other people were also trying to take in the sight.
     this dress, oh this dress.  i found this at sowa yesterday, at bobby of boston.  i love the bright floral patterns and was thinking about shortening up the length a bit, but after wearing the dress all day i am pretty much in love with the flowy length.  i saw this dress and immediately thought of my younger sister.  the colors and fit make me think of her free-spirit style.  but sorry, peach, too in love to pass this one along.  maybe next time.  the neckline of the dress is perfect, and the top just happened to fit me perfectly.  this dress will be out and about a lot this summer.  i can already picture walking along the beach in new hampshire this summer decked out in this number.
well my loves, this is just about the time when i try to deal with the fact that i have go to work tomorrow morning.  luckily, i have a four day week followed by the wedding of  one of my very best friends.  growing up...i think it's happening.
cannot wait to see the five girls who have known me my entire life!


  1. Love the dress! It is all my favorite colors and it makes me think Spring! Could your decade possibly be the 1960s?

  2. can you please post pictures of your outfit from my wedding! sooooo fun :D

    (cross your fingers for sun)