almost there.

wily wiley:

top: marc jacobs
trousers: madewell
cardigan: gap
necklace: anthropologie
t-straps: uo
     i warned you all that i would wear these pants once a week.  today i decided not to tuck in my top, to at least give a bit of a different flavor.  also, this silk top has a waist a bit higher than where the pants fall, which causes a bit of bunching when tucked in.  i love this marc jacobs top because it is so versatile and such a comfortable, yet classy, top for work.  i knew i added to add a statement piece to this outfit and love pairing this necklace and this top because of the similar color scheme.  and in an office with a whole lot of a/c happening, the cardigan is a piece that will be around all summer...even on those incredibly hot days.  
happy almost-friday my loves!

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