sweet and rough.

wiley wears:

dress: hurley
belt: f21
heels: uo
     today was my attempt at mixing a girly dress with some edgier accessories.  jessica, of what i wore, challenged bloggers to mix delicate feminine pieces with some rougher pieces.  i decided on this ruffled hurley sundress and paired it with a black belt with silver grommets and some funky black heels.  the frilly pieces are much more plentiful in my closet, while i rarely wear edgy pieces.  i thought the best way for me to make this challenge a reality was to focus on using accesories to wear the dress differently than i have usually worn it.  i typically wear this dress without a belt so that it is loose and flowy and gives off more of a beachy vibe.  the black belt gave the dress more structure and created a completely different look.


  1. Hi from Glasgow!,
    I'm on Jessica's blog too - what a thrill! You look fab. My blog is www.weshopthereforeweare.co.uk.

  2. I think you definietly won the challenge! Even your hair made the dress edgier! Love it!