wily wiley reads.

    i've decided to do a 'wily wiley reads' post once a week and focus on two books, rather than four.  i think this will give me an opportunity to do what i love a little more often.  i always look forward to all of the recommendations you all give me, so i think getting those more often will be excellent as well.

the disappeared by kim echlin ::: i think this is one of the best love stories i have read in a long time.  also one of the saddest and most difficult to read.  set during the cambodian genocide, echlin tells the story of a young canadian girl and a cambodian musician.  when the cambodian border opens up again serey decides to return and find out what has become of his family.  anne stays behind and for eleven years hears nothing from the man she loves.  eventually anne realizes that she cannot live without serey and travels to cambodia to search for him and reclaim the love she has lost.  this novel was incredibly moving and it made we want to do some further reading on what happened in cambodia in the 1970s.  highly recommend.

my name is memory by ann brashares ::: another love story of sorts.  this one is a bit confusing, and it took me a little while to wrap my head around the plot.  in my name is memory, the concept is that every person has lived multiple lives.  the catch; only a few remember these past lives.  daniel remembers his past lives and in each one he has been in love with sophia.  set in modern day, sophia is now a teenage girl named lucy.  daniel's goal is to remind lucy of her past lives and make her fall in love with him again.  the story travels through the many lives of daniel and lucy and i really enjoyed the constant changes of scenery.  this is apparently the first novel in a trilogy and i will definitely be reading the second and thrid novel.

now it's your turn.  what have you read lately?


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  2. my name is memory reminds me a bit of the Time travelers wife and I LOVED that book.