i realized i hadn't shared any photos from our trip to new hampshire.  i gathered a few of my favorites to try and highlight some of the very best moments.  hard to choose when every day was wonderful.  each morning i wake up i wish i was back there waking up to the gorgeous mountains or the tranquil lake.  new hampshire is such a special place to jeb and i and we love spending every second we can in the mountains, on the coast, and especially at lake winnipesaukee. 
photos: by the dock/view from our b&b of the white mountains/cloudy visit to the top of mount cannon/best vanity plate ever/sunset over the green mountains/sunset on the lake/jumping off the party boat

do you have a special vacation spot?


  1. so much fun!! i guess i would need to take vacations to have a special vacations spot.

  2. Stellar photographs. Really like the sunset images. I spend my vacations in New Mexico with my fiance's family. It is such a different experience from the east coast.


  3. What awesome pictures, wish I could have been there.Love the license plate!